Hi there!

I am a Juan de la Cierva Research Fellow at the Universidad de Málaga. Previously, I have been a Juan de la Cierva Research Fellow at the Instituto de Estudios Sociales Avanzados, CSIC.

I hold a Ph.D. in Philosophy (University of Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, 2014), a Master’s degree in Cognitive Science (École normale supérieure, Paris 2006), and a Master’s degree in History and Philosophy of Science.

My interests are broad although I am mostly interested about the use of research methods from the social and behavioral sciences to elucidate classical philosophical questions. I have published on a diverse list of subjects including moral psychology and ethics, evolutionary theories of social learning, and experimental philosophy.

I was lucky to work at the Institut de Recherche pour le développement on a project on autochtonous knowledges and conflicts on natural resources in Latin America. I also spent a fantastic time in Los Angeles, while visiting the Department of Anthropology at UCLA.

With Arancha San Ginés, I had fun creating Filosofipods, a series of podcasts on philosophy in Spanish.

In autumn 2015 I was a young invited researcher at the Psychology Department of the University of the Balearic Islands.

I have been part of the Xphi Replicability Project, an effort to replicate a representative sample of studies in experimental philosophy. Check it out!

And here is my public profile on Open Science Framework.

Some recent work / publications:

  • Hugo Viciana, Florian Cova, Nicolas Baumard & Olivier Morin (2018) “De la coopération à la culture” (draft, preprint version), IN Collins, Andler, Tallon-Baudry, La cognition. Du neurone à la société.
  • Claude Loverdo & Hugo Viciana, Cultural transmission and biological markets (accepted), Biology & Philosophy (draft, preprint version)
  • Entradas “Altruisme” y “Coopération” en el Dictionnaire des passions sociales, PUF, 2019. Crónica en el diario Le Monde sobre esta obra. Reseña y entrevista a la editora G.Origgi en el periódico francés Libération sobre esta obra filosófica.
  • Hugo Viciana & Antonio Gaitán (2018), “Relativism of distance- a step in the naturalization of metaethics“. Ethical Theory and Moral Practice.
  • Alejandro Rosas, Hugo Viciana, Esteban Caviedes & Alejandra Arciniegas (2018): “Hot utilitarianism and cold deontology: insights from a response patterns approach to sacrificial and real world dilemmas.” Social Neuroscience. (Preprint version)
  • Florian Cova, Brent Strickland, Angela G F Abatista, Aurélien Allard, James Andow, Mario Attie, James Beebe, Renatas Berniūnas, Jordane Boudesseul, Matteo Colombo, Fiery A Cushman, Rodrigo Díaz, Noah van Dongen, Vilius Dranseika, Brian D Earp, Antonio Gaitán, Ivar Hannikainen, José V Hernández-Conde, Wenjia Hu, François Jaquet, Kareem Khalifa, Hannah Kim, Markus Kneer, Joshua Knobe, Miklos Kurthy, Anthony Lantian, Shen-yi Liao, Edouard Machery, Tania Moerenhout, Christian Mott, Mark Phelan, Navin Rambharose, Kevin Reuter, Felipe Romero, Jonathan S Phillips, Paulo Sousa, Jan Sprenger, Emile Thalabard, Kevin Tobia, Hugo Viciana, Daniel A Wilkenfeld, Xiang Zhou (2018) “Estimating the reproducibility of experimental philosophy“, in Review of Philosophy and Psychology. Link to article in AEON presenting this research.
  • Bryant, G.A., Fessler, D.M.T., Fusaroli, R., Clint, E., Amir, D., Chavez, B., Denton, K.K., Diaz, C., Duran, L.T., Fančovičová, J., Fux, M., Ginting, E.F., Hasan, Y., Hu, A., Kamble, S.V., Kameda, K., Kuroda, K., Li, N.P., Luberti, F.R., Peyravi, R., Prokop, P., Quintelier, K.J.P., Shin, H.J., Stieger, S., Sugiyama, L.S., van den Hende, E.A., Viciana-Asensio, H., Yildizhan, S.E., Yong, J.C., Yuditha, T., & Zhou, Y. (in press)  The perception of spontaneous and volitional laughter across 21 societies.  Psychological Science. (Link to article in Science presenting this research, includes video).
  • Pierrick Bourrat & Hugo Viciana (2016) “Supernatural Beliefs and cooperation” IN: Liddle and Shackelford (Eds.) The Oxford Handbook of Evolutionary Perspectives on Religion.
  • Hugo Viciana, Claude Loverdo & Toni Gomila, (2016) “Credibility, credulity, and redistribution”, Behavioral and Brain Sciences,  Commentary to Target article: “The cultural evolution of prosocial religions” by Norenzayan, Shariff, Willard, Slingerland, Gervais, McNamara & Henrich. (Link to contribution; Link to our online appendix.)
  • Bryant, G., Fessler, D., Fusaroli, R., Clint, E., Aaroe, L., Apicella, C., Bickham, S., Bolyanatz, A., Chavez Cosamalon, B., de Smet, D., Diaz, C., Fux, M., Hu, A., Li, N., Kamble, S., Kameda, T., Luberti, U., Montalvo, C., Perez, P., Peterson, M., Quintelier, K., Scelza, B., Soler, M., Stieger, S., van den Hende, E., Viciana, H., Yildizhan, S., Zhou, Y. (2016) “Detecting affiliation in co-laughter across 24 societies.” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Link to video presenting this research; Link to article.
  • Rodrigo Díaz, Hugo Viciana & Toni Gomila (2017), “Cold Side-Effect Effect: Affect does not mediate the influence of moral considerations on intentionality judgments”. Frontiers in Psychology.
  • Hugo Viciana (2016) “How does social epidemiology shape the theory of justice?
  • Hugo Viciana & Antonio Gaitán (2014), “The rationality of early trust and skepticism” (Review of Paul Harris’ Trusting What You’re Told), Ludus Vitalis, Vol, 22, nº 41.
  • Hugo Viciana (2014), Le concept éthologique de culture. Aux origines de l’influence sociale. Thèse de doctorat, Université de Paris-1.


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